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Kristina Mustone is an Interior Design and Real Estate professional providing excellence in Greater Boston. Kristina’s experience with design lends itself well in real estate sales and rentals, helping her clients envision spaces in ways they normally wouldn’t. Her experience, combined with her knowledge and creative sense of space, has provided functional solutions for small and unusual spaces.

Prior to embarking into the fields of interior design and real estate, Kristina worked as a medical professional for over 17 years in an emergency setting. She attended high school in Boston’s Back Bay at Newman Preparatory School where she graduated in 1995. From there she went onto Northeastern University.

Kristina is a first generation Polish American and attributes her love of travel to having family overseas. Her travels have taken her all over Western and Eastern Europe, Scandanavia and other exotic destinations where she derives a lot of her creative inspiration from.

Whether the decision is to invest, sell, lease or redesign, Kristina works with her clients and helps guide them in the direction that works best with their lifestyle.